08 5 / 2012

With helicopters, speedboats, fast cars, robots, and bikinis, it’s amazing that Riptide only lasted three seasons.

21 3 / 2012

Tebow to the Jets. Sean Payton suspended a year. Peyton Manning. March Madness. Spring training.


13 6 / 2011

"Bradley, Mourning, Mutombo … even Muresan."

1995 was a long time ago.

19 4 / 2011


When I logged into tumblr this morning I saw that GQ had reblogged a photo of Charles Barkley with Nirvana. My gut reaction was the photo had to be from Saturday Night Live. What else could it be from? I went to google and found this video of Sir Charles and Nirvana cutting a promo for the 1993 SNL season premier.

I’m not sure how someone gets a clip like this but our lives are all better for it. They’re all so young. And awkward. It seems like Charles is trying to have a good time by inserting little jokes here and there but nobody is acknowledging him.

The most surprising part might be that Krist Novoselic is taller than Chuck.

Dave Grohl is not amused.